Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Snap Photography in Barcelona

I got Barcelona!!
rather than taking street fashion, I decided to take a break one day.
the weather was so much great!!! there wasn’t any cloud in the sky.
without any concern, I just went to beach which is near from my hotel.

I posted hundreds of photos !!
as I did, I want you to enjoy Barcelona through these photos as well :D

I love Barcelona and people in here ! they are really kind and friendly to traveler even though they can't speak Spanish just like me :D
in those pictures, usually I took photos first, and then I showed the photos to them for agreement. but they could only speak Spanish :(
so I said " photo, Photo. ok? ok? " with some gesture ! that's what i said all day lol
they smiled and said something in Spanish, but I was able to catch the meaning - COOL - :D

if someone wanna have great experience with travel, I strongly recommend you to come Barcelona!!!

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