Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Painting Resolutions For Sixth Edition

Good evening travellers of the warp and thank you for joining me once again in our dark corner of the infinite abyss. I apologise that I have not posted recently and would like to thank Mighty Simo for picking up the slack for me. My offering today is more of a catchup and my plans for sixth edition and my war gaming in general so will be a wall of text ( yes more than usual ) so if this doesn't sound like your cup of tea I won't be offended if you catch the next portal out of here.

As sixth edition was approaching I found myself at a bit of a lull in motivation so decided to look through my rather sizeable collection of unfinished projects and decided that I wanted to get back to where I was when I started with war gaming in fifth.

My original Necron force, with the awakening of the Tomb Worlds this has more than doubled in size

As unbelievable as this is with my track record of slacking off when I first started I picked up my Necrons and before I had my first game with them they were fully painted as well as being based. I am not going to try and convince you all this was the greatest painting ever but compared to the the grey Tyranids I was facing it made them look more like an army.

However the group I learnt with didn't play the missions and was literally we played until someone was wiped out so this lead to a lot of tailored lists and different units on a per game basis. As you can imagine this pattern lead me to doing the same. Unfortunately this lead to no units being used often enough to justify painting.

In this time I also obtained two AOBR marine forces, a large Space Wolf army and a mid sized T'au army to help a friend who decided 40k wasn't for him and would rather play Flames of War get out of it. The Space Wolves were stripped back to the metal / plastic and anything with Space Wolf feel to it was redistributed to our resident Space Wolves player and anything else was inducted into my Templar army ( This was at the time of the new codex and despite their amazing power Black Templars just resonate with me so won out ). The T'au along with two further small T'au forces and purchases by myself became my current T'au army.

1750 points worth of my T'au after they trekked to Maelstrom for the first Blogwars

In the end has left me in the situation I am now with a large T'au, Black Templar and Necron forces as well as a couple of battle forces for Imperial Guard. As you can imagine this isn't where my addiction ends and I also have random kits for different armies, two fantasy armies and an assortment of stand alone figures.

Now I can quickly admit this is not a good place to be and have drastically cut my spending in this area but I know this isn't going to be enough as I have said this before and  I love the new stuff that is release from different companies and eventually I will break and start buying again.

My solution to this is hopefully the drive to play more games with painted models and with that in mind I plan to keep focus on my Necrons as they are the newest of my armies with the recent refresh and I enjoy using them. Along with them I may try to paint some Imperial Guard up for games with allies.

Now I am a slow painter so have picked up an airbrush and is what I have been doing since my last post. I have mainly been practicing on boxes and old models so nothing exciting I can post currently though I have started an Aegis Defence line and while I am not 100% happy with it so far I can see the potential for this tool if I can get good with it.

As this is probably going to take up what little free time I seem to have these days my posts will probably reflect this so am going to chronicle my experiences to try and help anyone else who is on the fence as so far it has been frustrating as I have learnt a lot by trial and error though despite this I am confident this will help me reach my goal.

For added motivation Mighty Simo never fails to roll out fully painted and awesome looking armies when I face him and Dalinair is making good strides on his Blood Angels so it is time for me to get back in the Earth Castes machine shops.

If you're still with me after this wall of text I salute you as the truly devoted followers of Nurgle and offer you a fist bump from this internet cat.

For those of you wanting an abridged version it is basically I bought too much to keep competitive with my gaming group which used heavy model repping and now am snowed under so have bought an airbrush to try and help me out as I am annoyed at myself for getting like this.

Until next time take head and learn from my mistakes or join me in an unassembled & unpainted hell from which there is little chance of escape.


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