Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nurgle Lord of Chaos - Voting

Good afternoon children of Nurgle and thank you for joining me today so that I can announce the voting poll is now up for which of our three Nurgle Lords you prefer ( found in the top right corner ).

For those of you which are unfamiliar with our competition if can be find here along with details of how to get yourself in the running to win one of our three versions of this gruesome brute.


First up is my contribution to our patron lord of Chaos and my post about my time painting him here.

Mighty Simo

Next we have Mighty Simo's take on the Nurgle Lord, a full post about this model can be found here.

Dorn's Arrow

Unfortunately Dorn's Arrow's picture if from his phone as real life has stopped him being able to get to Mighty Simo and his photography magic but a post should be up within the next few days with shiny pictures for your enjoyment.

So now you have seen the contenders for the crown and we would appreciate you taking your time to vote ( using the poll in the top right of the page ) over the next week and then I will announce who won the vote and our first winner.


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