Tuesday, February 28, 2012

O'Shashar's Finished Chaos Nurgle Lord

Good evening followers of Nurgle and welcome back to our pestilent domain. The time of reckoning is drawing closer and soon the voting will commence on which Nurgle Lord our followers find the most repugnant.

The final day for us to finish painting is the 29th at which point I will put a poll up for you to cast your vote for your favourite. Now you have all seen Mighty Simo's and I hear he is venturing into the dank dungeon that holds the shambling horror that is Dorn's Arrow to give his model a glamorous photo shoot for your twisted pleasure.

However this post is about neither of my fellow pawns in Papa Nurgle's games and is about my contribution to our competition. So without further ado here is my Nurgle Lord of Chaos in all his filthy glory.

As you can see I have tried to go with how I feel a Nurgle Lord should be rather than the artwork Games Workshop has provided us with. I went for a more rusted look to the armour without taking it to the point that it would crumble to dust if it was struck.

Next up was the skin, I imagine this brute to be constantly at war rather than recently converted, he is a Lord after all and not a freshly formed conscript. So a more advanced stage of decomposition was in order and I thought a green hue leant itself well to this.

The horn and skulls I tried to give a dirty appearance to as he doesn't strike me as the kind of chap who would take the time to boil the flesh off and bleach his trophies so much as throw it on his belt until all that remained was the bone.

With his loin cloth I went for purple to compliment the green while making sure it was suitably filthy while still covering his modesty.

I tried to keep the base simple as he is a rather large model for the base size he is on so rather than try to over crowd it I just picked out the rocks in a grey tone while giving the ground a muddy appearance as don't imagine much grass would survive his march.

Overall I really enjoyed painting this model and hope who ever becomes his new owner takes care of the ugly little monster.

The draw for the winner isn't far away but if you haven't entered already all you need to do is follow this blog for a chance. Also if you want an extra crack at the prize just link to the original post found here and post in the comments.

Until next time keep spreading his plague so all can enjoy his blessings.


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