Friday, February 10, 2012

Tale of Three Gamers Update (Orcs and Goblins)

Good day and welcome fellow children of the Plague Father. Today I have for you another update on my Orc and Goblin horde. I am more or less on track, about half way through my horde of green skins. I managed to finish my command for my Orc Boyz mob. I think they have turned out quite nicely as you can see below.

On another note if you are not aware, myself, O'Shashar and Dorn's Arrow are having a little painting competition in commemoration of getting 50 members. We have achieved this in 10 months, which I have to say I never expected so thank you all for sticking with us.

Now we came to decision that to bring in the theme of our blog it would be fitting to use a Nurgle model and after some discussion we went for the recent Nurgle Chaos Lord. I loved the look of this model as soon as I saw it and will find it a joy to paint, but I will admit it will be sad to see it go once I have it completed, but I might purchase another one just for myself ;).

I am going to try and replicate the 'Eavy Metal teams paint scheme, because I feel that it matches the model so well, I am going to make a few tweaks and obviously it wont be painted as good (as I wouldn't have my desk job that's for sure if I was). I have him sprayed and ready to start.

If you want to win one of the three Chaos Lords we will painting then get yourself signed up as a follower and as a bonus you get a second entry by posting about our competition on your blog.

Again thank you all and remember in the embrace of the great Nurgle, you will no longer be afraid, for with his pestilential favour you will become that which you once most feared: Death.

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