Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Winsor & Newton Series 7 Brush Review

Good evening faithful followers of the Plague Father and thank you once again for joining us in the darkest reaches of Nurgle's garden. As I am sure you are all aware we are currently in the midst of a challenge to paint up three Nurgle chaos lords for our 50th follower give away and if you have been cut off from the warp and missed this please click here.

For those of you familiar with my dedication to painting miniatures I am sure you all expected me to keep putting this off until I really had to. To get around this I built this model up pretty much as soon as I got it and left it with a can of primer at the top of my painting pile for the first sign of decent weather. That wasted about a week of my painting time. However this did give me the chance to use Army Painter black spray as my previous can when I tested it before spraying the model was spraying clumps of paint so was binned.

Now the army painter spray goes on well but is very high gloss and would say more just a paint like Games Workshop than an actual primer. After that I filled in the block colours and he was left to relax on my desk.

Last night however I decided that instead of continuing another story on SWTOR I had to get some paint on the model as I was being teased by Mighty Simo & Dorn's Arrow with pictures of their models approaching completion.

As I planned to paint for an hour or two I reached for my brushes and remembered about my Series 7 size 1 brush and how it still looked brand new ( no it wasn't actually just brand new it has had a fair bit of use ). So with my trusty work horse in hand I was off and managed a good three hours of painting and have almost finished the model minus the base.

I tried these brushes out as I was sick of synthetic brushes from Games Workshop going frizzy and having bristles stick out at funny angles as found a basing brush quickly went to the size of a detail brush after sorting it out. Don't get me wrong these are not cheap but I have been using this for the last 6 months and it still looks new ( apart from some paint on the handle and is holding its shape ).

Using guides I found with different suggestions on how to use the brush has helped to minimise damage but I am not a particular delicate painter and keep it flowing in the right direction at the right angle rarely happens. However it hasn't collapsed into a heap of dead bristles or had the all too common lean to the left my previous brushes developed.

I thought it would be too big to use but so far I have only used this on my Nurgle lord from base coating to detail and it has performed well as it has a nice strong point and lets me use the pressure I want. It seems to suck up a lot of paint without developing a ball of paint on the tip either so is a nice bonus.

It is recommended to use these with brush soap however I have only cleaned it with water as I hadn't tried the soap before. I wasn't sure if it was worth the money and if anyone has experience with brush soap please let me know.

Overall I am very happy with these brushes, I have a size 1 & 0 and both perform very well and while they won't make you turn into a professional painter I do believe they have improved my painting by giving me greater control.

Until next time keep spreading the message of Nurgle throughout the warp.


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