Monday, March 5, 2012

Dorn's Arrow's Finished Chaos Nurgle Lord (and whats that on the horizon?)

Hi there followers of the pestilent one, I finally have photos of my completed Nurgle Lord.

Although I was the first to finish painting the model, my lack of decent photos means that my post is somewhat belated. What I wanted to get out of this competition was to try out some new skills. The armour is where I have practised my first use of blending. I wanted to achieve a death guard type light green colour and am very happy with the result. I got this colour by using a foundation of fortress grey, followed by a couple of washes of catachen green. I then glazed adeptus battlegrey with a tiny amount of enchanted blue over the armour. After this I used a couple of layers of watered down gretchen green, pulling the brush away from the recessed areas and towards the raised areas. I repeated this step, gradually adding in rotten flesh and leaving part of the previous colour showing.

This model was a joy to paint, with no real fiddly or hard to get to areas, and I think it may inspire me to start my own warriors of chaos army. My obsessive compulsive nature is going to make it hard to let go of this model, and I may have to instead award the winner of my model with a brand new boxed version as this plague fiend whispers to me from my shelf. As for now, I have just completed painting my Heldenhammer from the Dreadfleet set... it took me much longer than expected as it is such a detailed model. Here is a rough photo from my phone:

My next project is to paint the Bloody Reaver so that the pirate battles can commence! Until next time...

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