Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Drawing Of Our Third And Final Winner

Remember him fondly as I will not be using this stock image for as long as I can help it

Good evening children of the Plague Father and thank you for joining us for the unveiling of our final winner. I apologise that this is later than I had planned to post our final winner. As Mighty Simo's and my own Nurgle Lords have found new homes, our winner today will be able to choose between the example put forward by Dorn's Arrow or a brand new one if they prefer.

Nurgley goodness galore 

So once again I return to the darkest recesses of Nurgle's kitchen to "borrow" his favourite hat to make sure his influence helps us get our winner. Without further ado I present to you...

Seen here fighting it's mortal enemy the donut

Well done to HOTpanda, for those of you unfamiliar with this particular breed of bear let me tell you a tale. Some say that HOTpandas live on the fringes of society as it is only there they can defend this doomed world from the evil sentient donuts who wish to turn man kind into slaves in their batter mines.

Occasionally allying with a whole host of robotic war machines these mighty beasts are all that stands between us and cold greasy whip of the donut overlords. If you would like to aid in their fight you can find them in the Chaos corrupted Bamboo forests.

With this our give away comes to a close and I would thank all of those that voted and hope our new followers return to see our offerings to Papa Nurgle.


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