Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Results Are In And We Have Our First Winner!

Good evening children of the Plague Father and thank you for joining us once again to see the results of our painting competition and who is our first winner. To help build up the suspense of who is getting a freebie I will announce the painting competition results first.

In third place with 18% of the votes is Dorn's Arrow
In second place is myself with 25% of the votes
Which leaves Mighty Simo to claim first place with 56% of the vote.

Mighty Simo's winning model

However this is the news I am sure you are more interested in hearing and it is who has first choice of the three models on offer. With the help of my darling wife I have used a highly scientific follower selection method ( names out of a hat ) and our first winner is...

Shamelessly lifted from his blog


So please joining me in congratulating Hendybadger in gaining the favour of our patron. This mysterious space faring member of the weasel family can be found nurturing his love of skirmish games, pirates and super heroes in his set found here.

Until next time keep a keen eye on the going ons in our dark recess of the garden as we still have
two more models to give away.


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