Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tale of Three Gamers Update (Orc and Goblins)

Hello and good day to all you beloved followers of the Pestilent One. I was hoping to have this post up earlier in the week, but my Internet decided to throw me a curve ball and not work, the blasted thing! Anyway as I mentioned in my last post I had already finished two more models for my Orc and Goblin horde. I have finished my Night Goblin Shaman and an old school Fanatic.

This is one of my favourite Lord/Hero characters of the Orc and Goblins army and I just had to have to have it. The dynamic pose is brilliant. I was very tempted to try a glowing effect around his eyes and in the eye sockets of the skulls on his staff, but I wasn't brave enough to attempt this. I might try the technique out on a spare model and do it on another shaman as I already have an Orc Shaman lying around to be painted.

The fanatic model is one of the older metal models that I have had for some years now. I believe I originally got it for my Orc Bloodbowl team about 10 years ago. I thought he would come in handy for my Orc and Goblin list. I am not sure if you can notice, but I have tried to blend purple on his nose and cheeks to try and represent the Fanatic being intoxicated from Mad Cap Mushroom brew they drink before battle!

I am hoping to have more models for you later as I am just finishing a few off on my painting table. Thank you for stopping by our humble Cupboard of Nurgle and may the Plague Father watch over you wherever you may be.

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