Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hollande Loses Silicon Valley

Arun Kapil reports some fascinating data:

In the US, Nicolas Sarkozy pummeled François Hollande 61% to 39%. Sarkozy cleaned up in eight of the ten polling stations in New York City, winning upwards of 74% of the vote. But in two—no doubt on the Upper West Side and the Village—Hollande whipped Sarko 57-43. They were pretty evenly divided in San Francisco, though Hollande won Berkeley (duh) in a 57-43 landslide. But Sarko won an even bigger landslide in Palo Alto’s two polling stations (60 and 64%). Hollande’s 75% top tax rate proposal was clearly not plébiscité in Silicon Valley. Hollande’s worst US scores were in West Palm Beach FL (16%; hmmm, I wonder why?…), Las Vegas (17%), Miami 2 (18%), and Tampa (19%). In the last one, pour l’info, Marine Le Pen came in second place ahead of Hollande in round one. Must have been those military folks stationed at CENTCOM.

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