Monday, May 14, 2012

O'Shashar's Finished Thunderwolf

Good afternoon and thank you for joining me once again in our pestilent corner of his garden. Today I bring to you my Thunder Wolf Cavalry model. I have tried to go for a darker look more in line with the pre heresy colours as I am not a fan of the GW bright Space Wolf colours.

The model had a nice amount of parts while not being quite as intense a build as my Necrons have been lately so was a nice change of pace, though I am disappointed the head came in multiple parts as left quite a clear triangle on the face of my wolf. I tried liquid greenstuff on it but still shows through a little.

The armour I started with Vallejo black grey followed by a black wash and highlights with German grey however these don't appear to have shown up very well in the photos. The metal trim was done using a base of beastial brown followed by a 2:1 mix of Tin Bitz and Vallejo Brass. The Yellow shoulder was done with foundation yellow built up to Bad Moonz Yellow, while the red was Burnt Cadre Red built up to Flat Red both were given a black freehand symbol ( which for my first try at freehand I don't think well too badly). The bone tailismans were built up from snake bite leather to rotting flesh and then given a sepia wash.

I decided to go for a white wolf to balance out the dark armour, I did this using foundation granite, beastial brown, rotting flesh, a sepia wash then a second pass with rotting flesh. I did try to use ivory but this was too white for my tastes. The metal sections I did in the same way as the marine to tie them together.

As I have no plans to play Space Wolves I decided to give my wolf a rocky base which I carved out of a piece of high density pink foam. I started painting it with Fenris Blue followed by Space Wolves Grey, Codex Grey and a final pass with Fortress Grey.

I hope you all like my Thunder Wolf, Fenrir and his Rider Olaf the Grey and any comments or criticism are welcome.

Until next time keep spreading his plagues and poxs to all you encounter.


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