Monday, June 4, 2012

Necron Night Scythe Kit Review

Good afternoon and thank you for joining us again in the dank darkness that is the Cupboard of Nurgle. Today I am reviewing the latest addition to the Necron forces that have made available to enslave the mortal races.

From the moment I saw the first pictures I knew that I would be adding one to my collection, as this is the first model that has made me want to avoid logging onto Diablo 3 and slaying demons to steal their treasure ( any saving of innocent lives is merely a side effect of my greed ). With this in mind I took a trip to the local game store in the hope they had one left for me to get my mitts on. I was glad to see that they had ordered in twice as many Necron ones as they had the Ork or Marine variety ( maybe they guessed I would be wanting at least one ).

The first thing I noticed was that the box of the Night Scythe is the same size as a Rhino but the other two are Landraider box size which I understand for the Ork plane as it looks like you get a nice sized model for your money but the Storm Talon just doesn't seem meaty enough to warrant it.

I cannot say how happy it made me to see that this kit only came on two large sprues rather than the three the Ghost Ark came on. As I looked over it I knew this was more like the kits I want, by this I mean while I like variety and the odd extra piece is nice I hate it when you can get exactly the same end result in 5 pieces but it is done in 50 ( separate necks on Necron models I am looking at you ).

This model was a breeze to build and more surprisingly I actually enjoyed it rather than the uphill struggle that was the Ghost Ark. I was so engrossed in my work that rather than keep it in separate parts to paint ( which I would recommend as you can see below the pilot is well caged in ) I just kept going and before I knew what was happening I was at the stage were I needed to magnetise the guns.

Now I could show you how I did it but the method I used was the excellent work done by Nick over at IDICBeer 40k who has done this and others which I recommend having a look at if you are looking at magnetising Necron Vehicles. The only change I would recommend is to make the cut on the tabs of the Tesla Destructors down to the height of both magnets to give a better fit as the plastic in the groove is quite thin which makes it hard to sink the magnets.

I understand that people seem split on its usefulness in games and I admit I haven't tried one yet as they do seem a touch fragile with them being denied the +2 Av shields. Though with all the rumours of sixth edition coming it may become a true flyer and its popularity change and see everyone rolling out six of these reasonably priced models out in games.

My only complaint is with the large flying stand and it is that it needs a little encouraging to be put in or taken out. However as I don't have any other models on the large flying stand I couldn't say if this is by design or not.

Overall I love this model and I am currently waiting for my primer to dry as I type this post up. Now this isn't usually the case for me so I want to strike while the iron is hot before my motivation to paint lulls. Hopefully I should have a progress report on this shortly and have another model completed towards my goal for the year before too long.

Until next time spread the blessings of our Lord Nurgle to everyone you encounter in these times of strife.


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