Saturday, June 16, 2012

Necron Night Scythe Update

Good afternoon and thank you for joining us in our twisted paradise once again. Today my offering to our Lord Nurgle is a work in progress update for my Night Scythe. As I was working with metallics I started by priming it black.

Following that I gave a liberal coating of Tin Bitz, at this point I did feel that the partial build would have been much better as certain parts begged me to destroy a brush just to get to them. Sadly this colour has been discontinued by Games Workshop but luckily for my Necrons Vallejo do a version called Tinny Tin in their Game Colour range along with a lot of the now discontinued colours from Games Workshop.

Lastly I painted two of the wing sections in Burnt Cadre Red ( without this colour I would be lost as I sneak it into all my armies ) which is on the top, bottom and sides. The engines, vents and the parts between the wings got treated to Vallejo Brass.

In keeping with the warriors I posted a while back I plan to add a mix of Tin & Boltgun to the Tin sections, a few more coats on the red for a smooth finish before highlighting up, dull the brass sections down and then I can try my hand at some gem effects.

Until next time do not run from those of your number which are infected, for they carry his blessings to you.


As an extra bonus for you today I recommend you visit TheFrontlineGamer here. He is having a massive give away to bring in fresh blood to his blog. While you are there for the free stuff it is worth a look through his archives as he does put out a lot of good work on a regular basis.

This time he is giving away $100 store credit for Dragon Forge bases and I for one recommend these bases whole heartedly. You can read my review of them here and TheFrontlineGamer has done a couple himself.

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