Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Riots in Amiens

Amiens? Riots? Bienvenu chez les Ch'tis! The riots broke out in one of the newly designated "special security zones." Whether there was an immediate cause remains unclear, but the government is clearly worried that the disturbance may spread, as similar disturbances have in the past. A sign of things to come?
Gilles Demailly, the Socialist mayor of Amiens, told news agencies that “there have been regular incidents here, but it has been years since we’ve known a night as violent as this, with so much damage done.” He said tensions had been mounting in the area.
The clashes involved about 100 youths from a poor district in northern Amiens and up to 150 police officers, who used tear gas and rubber bullets. A nursery school was ransacked and partly burned, as was a community center.
The district, Fasset, is one of 15 special urban zones identified by the Hollande government that are supposed to get more policing next month.

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