Friday, August 10, 2012

Tale of Three Gamers (Skaven Update)

Greetings fellow followers of The Decayed One, it feels ages since I last posted, I must have got lost in Nurgle's garden. In actual fact I have been busy the last few weeks redecorating, however I have a progress update to show you:

Skavenslaves (almost complete)

Recently I have been working on my skavenslaves unit. I now have 6 ranks of slaves completed, so only another 10 slaves to paint for the list :) Currently half the slaves have shields and half don't (this is due to using the starter set for half of them. In time the ones with shields will be a second clan rat unit, and I will paint up more scabby ones as slaves without shields).

You may notice a skink which my girlfriend painted for me, and also a couple of night goblins who have been strung along into the horde (through no choice of their own I'm sure). I'm hoping to add another couple of non-ratty types to the group as well as more rats with whips to herd them on.

So as for the progress updates here are all the models I have painted so far for my list:

Rat Ogres and Packmaster (Complete)

Stormvermin (9 more to paint)

Clanrats with spears and shields (19 more to paint)
My list is starting to come together, but still a lot of rats left to get through. I'm currently halfway through painting the Warlock Engineer and the Poisoned Wind Mortar team (trying out a new technique on the warlock's halberd too, so hopefully that will come off well), but am on holiday next week, so no painting :( but lots of sun and fun :)

Until next time...

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