Friday, August 24, 2012

The Socialists at La Rochelle

Is there any spectacle sadder than a French political party meeting when it is already in power? Since the parties these days are mere vehicles for selecting a presidential candidate, there's not much to hold the interest of outsiders when a party whose candidate has already been elected meets. This is not the moment for the ambitious to reveal themselves nor for rebels to propose bold departures from the status quo. So there will be no Sixth Republics this summer, no nights of the long knives (remember when Moscovici was left sitting alone in a café while other former DSKers went over to Aubry?), no Mélenchonesque reminders that the left in power hasn't really accomplished much or even set a clear course.

All the drama will be over at the UMP, where each of two former second bananas will attempt to emerge as the Contender.

But at least the Socialists aren't being threatened with annihilation by hurricane, which could be the fate of the American Republicans if Isaac stays on course.

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