Friday, April 27, 2012

Tale of 3 Gamers Update (Orc and Goblins)

Good day and welcome back to our humbled Cupboard of Nurgle. In the cupboard this week I have an offering of some painted Gobbo's for my Orc and Goblin Horde. I am currently finishing off another 5, which I hope to get done by this weekend so that I can attempt to get my Space Wolf Thunderwolf Cavalry underway and done by the 9th May, which will be a bit of a challenge with the size of it.

So hopefully by this weekend I will have 15/20 of these done and I will be one step closer to having a 1000 point army to have game. I have noticed that I have forgotten to put the white triangles around the hood and this will need doing to tie them in with the Night Goblin Spear regiment. I will do this after I have finished my Thunder Wolf.

As O'Shashar has mentioned, we are doing this as a celebration of our first birthday. Unfortunately we will not be giving these models away, but we are welcoming others to submit photos of their Thunder Wolf Cavalry and we will have a vote for the best painted model again. The winner can walk away with the smug feeling of having the best painted model. 

To prevent your hard work from being exploited by the inter webs we would suggest taking the picture that says Cupboard of Nurgle and your name or username. It will be easy to spot if anyone tries to pass of your model as work they have done themselves ;)

Please send you pictures to

That's all for this week. Thank you for stopping by and may Nurgles blessings forever be in your favor.

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