Monday, April 23, 2012

Single Model Painting Challenge - Thunder Wolf Cavalry

Good evening children of the plague father and thank you for joining us once again in our corner of the warp. Following on from my last post which mentioned we were planning to start single model painting challenge on a regular basis ( better ideas for the name are welcome ).

The model we have chosen this time is the Games Workshop Thunder Wolf Cavalry so this will give us similar models to work with but they won't be identical due to the pack being made up of three different wolves and riders.

We now all have our models assembled and I managed to prime my own yesterday along with my three Crypteks in between the lovely April showers it is time to put a time frame to be finished by.

After speaking with my fellow bloggers we have decided that May the 9th should be the end of the challenge as is the Cupboard of Nurgle's first birthday which isn't bad for a blog we only started because Mighty Simo said we really should have a blog if we were going to Blogwars.

Until next time continue to drink deeply from the cauldron of pestilence.


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