Friday, April 20, 2012

What's that on the dark seas???

Avast ye land lubbers, finally I spot ships on the horizon! After much longer than I had hoped, I finally have some pictures of two completed Dreadfleet models.

The models are so detailed it has taken me ages to paint them, probably about a month each. Thinking about it, apart from these and the Nurgle Lord for our recent competition I don't think I have painted anything else all year! (This will be remedied soon!)

The sails in particular are a real challenge, as it took lots of thin layers of paint to build up a smooth coat, but I'm really pleased with the results. The ships are packed full of tiny details such as cannons, anchors, and gold statues etc, and so at times it seemed like there was always another step to go to completion.

The writing on the scrolls was very daunting but by using a bit of a guide from a very sharp H pencil, I was able to produce a look that I'm happy with. To be honest, I'm not sure which of the two ships I actually prefer now that I've finished them both, and that can only be a good thing from my gaming perspective as I will be happy to command either vessel.

Alas, I have grown weary of painting ships (or rather I need a break from it), and also I need to catch up with Mighty Simo in the Tale of X Gamers challenge, so its back to the ratmen for me (and also a certain Thunderwolf). Until next time, let the pestilent one grant thee scurvy and all other manner of sea-faring nastiness :)

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